Undoubtedly, you have heard of crypto staking and holding your crypto assets for higher rewards; but have you heard of investing your assets in a crypto gaming pool?

Well, you have now!

From the release of the Bololex exchange, we have positioned ourselves as a unique platform, which not only…

Bololex team works hard to maintain fast, fair, and most importantly secure processing.
For this reason, we have strengthened Bololex verification steps to ensure the smooth functioning of any activities.

Verification is a vital step if you wish to start voting at Bololex and play our fun crypto games. To verify the account, now you should:

🔺 Click on the Telegram channel link https://t.me/bololexcom
🔺 Join our channel to continue the verification
🔺 Open our Bololex Bot at http://t.me/bololex_verification_bot
🔺 Enter your email address used for registration at our exchange
🔺 Receive the verification code
🔺 Copy it
🔺 Return to the “Settings” page of your Bololex account
🔺 Input the code in the “Verification” window
🔺 Congrats! You got verified! verification

In case of any questions, you always receive a quick response through our support portal:

One roll = biggest win. Only at BOLO DICE.

Opening the new season with the most demanded crypto game ever!
Let’s welcome, our own crypto dice game — Bolo Dice. Here is what you are getting by playing the game:

  • Even larger $BOLO rewards
  • Accessible interface
  • Easy and fast play

New year — new games!

Following the concept of easy one-click crypto games, we have designed a fun version of the well-known “Bingo” game.

The year 2021 begins with our newest game: Bolo Bingo!

Bolo Bingo: Earn crypto on the go

Our users already receive rewards with our utility token $BOLO through Airdrop Wheel, BoloBoom, and BoloLotto. …

Since the launch of the BoloLotto, the game was immediately loved by our users. We have already had 10 lottery winners, which received their 1000 $BOLO prizes, and ss our game is fully transparent and fair, the usage rate is daily increasing.

Now, it’s time to offer a more exciting…

Bololex exchange has just completed its second #AMA session with one of the most demanded projects ZillonLife.

About ZillonLife

ZillonLife established in the year 2016, is a first of its kind Ecommerce & Direct Marketing Company in India looking to now also expand globally. The company was founded by a…

Bololex exchange completed its very fist #AMA session by partnering with one of the most demanded coins — LanaCoin!
The reward fund was 500,000 $LANA which has already been distributed among 10 winners, who have been chosen based on how interesting and insightful their questions were.

If you have missed…

Bololex exchange never disappoints! We strive to outdo ourselves and provide the most convenient, engaging and beneficial features for our users. In just three months, we have increased our user base to 25,000 by enlarging our loyal and supportive community.
To double and even triple that number, our team works…

Bololex team works hard to maintain fast, fair, and most importantly secure voting. For this reason, we have strengthened Bololex Voting security and added additional conditions.
As you know, each user can vote once a day, without completing a trade. To vote more, the user should have done a trade…

Bololex Exchange

Launched in June of 2020, Bololex is a centralized crypto exchange with high security standards and versatile funding options.

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