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3 min readNov 3, 2020

High prizes, an understandable interface, and low participation fee — are the key elements that every user desires to find in a game. What if we told you that all these elements can be found in a single game?

Bololex is excited to introduce its new one-click-to-play game: Bolo Lotto, which is a crypto lottery, based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The game is fully transparent as winners are chosen in a random fashion based on the block hash. It also allows you to win 100x your earnings in a single game of crypto lottery. Don’t you wanna try your luck?

How to play? 💥

The lottery board consists of 256 cells, blue cells show the empty ones, whereas yellow-colored cells are already purchased ones. One cell costs 10 BOLO tokens, so make sure to have enough balance before playing. To purchase a cell, click on the preferred one, and the corresponding window will pop-up. Your purchased cells will be shown to the right of the board.

Who wins? 😉

The winner receives 1000 BOLO tokens. How do we choose the winner you wonder? Actually, we don’t. The winner is chosen based on a randomly drawn block hash. Once all 256 cells are filled, the next mined block is taken and the last two digits of the block hash show the number of the winner cell.

How to win? 🚀

The probability of your win is 1 in 256, which is actually higher than in most lotteries. Of course, the more cells you purchase, the closer you get to winning. Thus, keep on trading with $BOLO, purchase tokens, and increase your earnings by 100x in a single game of Bolo Lotto.

Here’s how the first winner of the Bolo Lotto, Ahmer, described his experience with the game.

“After noticing the post on social media, I headed to the game section and bought several cells. It was both interesting and easy to play. After some time, I got a congratulations message saying that I won, and not a minute passed after I checked my account, and my 1000 BOLO prize was already there. It was instant. I won 1000 BOLO tokens, just by a matter of luck”.

Fairness Aspect

Ensuring fairness of the game remains the biggest priority for us. In the game of Bolo lotto, there is no altering of rules and no concerns about a site withholding winnings, as the process of winner selection depends entirely on the Bitcoin blockchain. The drawing of the block is completely random and cannot be influenced or predicted. Thus, fair play is guaranteed!

Try your luck now ⚡️

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