BoloBoom- our new mining game

Bololex exchange never disappoints! We strive to outdo ourselves and provide the most convenient, engaging and beneficial features for our users. In just three months, we have increased our user base to 25,000 by enlarging our loyal and supportive community.
To double and even triple that number, our team works deliberately to continuously offer new features and surprise the users. And now, already a month after our release of the “Airdrop Wheel”, we are bringing you a new game called “BoloBoom”.

What is that about you might ask? Well, another unique game just for you!

What is “Boloboom” ?

We all remember us struggling and trying to win in an old Windows “Minesweeper” game. Well…with BoloBoom you actually win. Now, you can play our new unique mining game using energy and winning BOLO instead.

How everything works

To start playing BoloBoom, you should have a registered and verified account at Bololex, just as you did for the Airdrop Wheel. First, make sure to have enough energy, 1 game at BoloBoom depletes 3 energy. Then, choose the level of difficulty for that round by clicking on the round button in the bottom right corner, the levels are easy, normal and hard. Finally, click on “Play”. You can claim your BOLO on every row, or you can continue playing further.

Boloboom is you new favorite mining game

  • Free to play
  • Big rewards
  • You’re the winner either way
  • Differentiate your experience by levels of difficulty

Fairness Aspect

We play fair ! We have designed a structure which ensures the fairness of each game presented at Bololex exchange.
For each user the server generates a random seed, a unique client seed by your browser. These two and a nonce of games are combined to generate a seed for the Mersenne Twister random generation algorithm. These steps make it possible to deterministically proof the fairness of our random generator.

Now, as you know all the necessary details let’s see how much you can win:

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