Bololex launches BOLO token

After launching earlier in May of 2020, Bololex exchange has organized its second-biggest launch after the introduction of a gamified voting system. Now, we are bringing multiple new gamification elements to our users, opening more chances of winning and turning trading experience into a more entertaining process.

So, we are introducing our own token: BOLO token.

What is BOLO token?

BOLO is a utility token of the Bololex exchange and ecosystem. Currently, BOLO is listed on Bololex exchange, where you can trade with BOLO/USDT pair fast and safely.

BOLO can both be traded on our exchange and used to get trading benefits. You can also be rewarded BOLO tokens through our unique airdrop wheel, which is totally free to play.

Airdrop wheel is also a new competitive feature added to the Bololex exchange. It is a unique airdrop distribution mechanism, where users receive free BOLO tokens just by spinning. We plan to include airdrops of other currencies and add new prizes to the list later on.

Undoubtedly, BOLO token is just starting to gain volume, yet its market has already gone up dramatically both in price and volume, which is also an indicator that users enjoy newly added gamification elements and features.

Technical information

Platform: Stellar
Total Supply: 10 000 000 000
Market: Bololex exchange
Trading pair: BOLO/USDT

Upcoming projects

BOLO token was created specifically for the introduction of the gamified elements on Bololex exchange, by which users can get engaged in various features, and more importantly play and win fairly. We have projected a long-term plan with engaging and exciting new additions to Bololex exchange, one being our own loyalty program. Users will be able to pay fees with BOLO token and receive special benefits for that.

This is just the beginning of our plan, so stay tuned for future interesting additions and opportunities of winning airdrops and multiple other prizes.

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