Bololex & ZillonLife #AMA recap

Bololex exchange has just completed its second #AMA session with one of the most demanded projects ZillonLife.

About ZillonLife

ZillonLife established in the year 2016, is a first of its kind Ecommerce & Direct Marketing Company in India looking to now also expand globally. The company was founded by a team of high achievers with experience in IT, ITES, and BFSI sectors who have extensive experience in Business to Consumer B2C sales and marketing as business owners.

To know more about the future projects of ZillonLife, their mission, goals, and upcoming events, continue reading.

Question and Answers Recap

Q1. The crypto world is becoming overcrowded with lots of coins and tokens, and you know you have so many competitors. What are you doing to make ZLF project truly unique?

A:As you rightly said space is getting overcrowded and also there are many fly by the night projects which cause loss to investors. Trust is our biggest differentiator. This is not just a project dependant on a website; it is backed by a sound business that has been operating already for 4+ years. With physical offices, warehouses, distribution partners it is already an established business.

Change is the only thing constant. Businesses that accept this philosophy and continue to adapt themselves to the ever-changing global trends stand a better chance to succeed. This is the driving principle of ZLF. Blockchain is still at its nascent stage of growth; this, however, presents great opportunities to nimble and fast decision making organization to embrace this technology of the future and thus scale up to become a global organization which adds value to a lot of customer’s lives.

ZLF Token was created with an objective to connect the traditional e-com business of ZillonLife to blockchain technology thus acting as an enabler to provide services on a global scale. ZLF Token enables users to participate in the ZillonLife ecosystem as a global stakeholder as well as gain access to a tech education portfolio from any part of the globe. ZLF Token thus makes the offering borderless and also benefits the consumers in terms of savings on global remittance charges.

Q2. I have a question about international education. when are you planning to launch it? According to the white paper, you were doing marketing in Q3. What’s next for this project? I am asking because according to the book you will burn 10% of the token used in transactions in this project, and this is known to have a positive impact on the ZLF price.

A: We have launched our International Education portfolio in partnership with a global brand called: EDUREKA. Edureka has been in the domain of Tech education for more than a decade. Edureka is a universal E-learning platform offering certification courses in 180+ trending technologies with live instructor-led training, 24*7 support, and lifetime access to the course. (P.S. no hidden fees and one time buy).

Edureka is a globally accessible platform as said and thus helps a lot of people gain expertise and certification in various tech courses. The customer database includes customers from 120+ countries like the USA, UK, India, Canada, France, and other European regions.

Some of the benefits include:

Live Instructor-Led Training

Online Courses with Real-time Projects and Industry Relevant Case Studies

24*7 Support Ninjas

Exclusive Learning Management System

Lifetime Access to the Course Content

Industry recognized Certification

Peer Learning

High Course Completion Rate

It is an online learning ecosystem for continuing education, in partnership with corporates and academia. The services offered through this association constitutes of:


· DevOps Certification Training

· AWS Architect Certification Training

· Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

· Tableau Training & Certification

· Python Certification Training for Data Science

· Selenium Certification Training

· PMP® Certification Exam Training

· Robotic Process Automation Training using UiPath

· Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training

· Microsoft Power BI Training

· Online Java Course and Training

· Python Certification Course


· Data Scientist Masters Program

· DevOps Engineer Masters Program

· Cloud Architect Masters Program

· Big Data Architect Masters Program

· Machine Learning

· Engineer Masters Program

· Full Stack Web Developer Masters Program

· Business Intelligence Masters Program

· Data Analyst Masters Program

· Test Automation Engineer Masters Program

· Post-Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

· Post-Graduate Program in Big Data Engineering

· Post Graduate Certification in Data Science

· PG Program in Marketing with Specialization in Digital Marketing

· Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security


· PG Programs

· Cloud Computing

· DevOps

· Data Science

· BI and Visualization

· Big DataProject Management and Methodologies

· Programming & FrameworksSoftware Testing

· Robotic Process Automation

· Frontend Development

· Databases

· Data Warehousing and ETL

· Cyber Security

· Blockchain

· Artificial Intelligence

· Mobile Development

· Operating Systems

· Digital Marketing

· Architecture & Design Patterns

Contact one of our team members or franchise to get the best quotes and on ways to use #ZLF for international remittances.

Q3. What business lines do ZillonLife deals into ?

A: ZillonLife now has 8 product verticals in its eco-system; each having the potential to be a full-fledged business on its own. Here is a quick snapshot:

a. Electronic Surveillance: A fast-growing market having use-case in every town of the country and other nations. With the introduction of IoT based devices, ZillonLife envisions to convert the current reactive market( where people can take action only after an incidence of break-in/burglary happening) to a proactive market (where users can take action at the time of an incident happening due to motion sensor trigger, IR vision, 2-way communication features of its devices).

b. Luxury Bath & Shower: Inspired by other premium bath care lines, this vertical focuses on educating customers about the benefits of using natural products vis-à-vis chemical-based products. Also, these products are not tested on animals thus contributing to the global philanthropic causes of animal protection. A fast-growing market that focuses on personal hygiene, this segment has very huge consumer spending.

c. Air Purification Systems: This is a business vertical which is growing rapidly due to the challenges of increasing pollution and airborne diseases. The growth trend is similar to how the water purifier market evolved in the country. It is expected that within the next decade; most of the houses which have a water purifier will also have one air purifier in place. This makes it one of the domains which could exhibit exponential growth in years to come.

d. Darjeeling Tea: The concept behind this vertical is to provide masses access to premium leaf tea; which currently is not easily available to consumers. The leaf teas intrinsically have a lot of health benefits ranging from cutting cholesterol to helping in weight management and controlling sugar levels due to its ability to enhance the metabolism of the body. Additionally these leaves can be re-brewed making is very affordable for the consumers. A product that can be consumed in every household.

e. Financial Services: ZillonLife has recently started with Insurance Services and Tax Consultations. It envisions providing a centralized structure to the currently unorganized tax consultancy market by providing high quality advisory and Income Tax assistance. This as a vertical has potential to cater to 5.8 crore (58 million) population of India which currently are filing tax returns.

f. Luxury electronics: Through this vertical, the goal is to cater to the new age population who have an interest in adventure sports, IoT devices, etc. The current offering consists of adventure travel cameras, IP cameras & wi-fi connector sockets.

g. Home Décor: A platform to connect local artists with art connoisseur.

h. International Education: High-end technical courses for the professionals and students to upgrade their skill-set and thus enhance their job prospects/entrepreneurship aspirations. With a market size of $240 billion, it has got huge growth potential.

The International Tech Education product line puts ZillonLife on the global map. By using ZLF Token customer’s across the globe can gain access to these courses and also save money on huge remittance charges.

Q4. What are the ways that $ZLF generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it make benefit win-win to both investors and your project?

A: We operate on a franchise model. ZillonLife provides all its franchises an automated individual E-store. This e-Store works like a fully functional e-commerce portal by plugging the franchise e-store to live inventory, automated dispatch & logistics, Payment gateways, Loan Solutions, and placement in server. This enables the franchise to kick-start their journey in the world of e-commerce from day 1 of getting started. However unlike a traditional franchise where only transactional income is shared; ZillonLife differentiates itself by sharing the customer base co-ownership to the franchise creating the customer. This is a huge benefit because the franchise gets to start building the assets i.e customer base (which generates cashflow) while the risk of liabilities in terms of stock cost, employee cost, infrastructure cost, etc is totally borne by ZillonLife. A franchise thus has the odds heavily stacked in its favor if they are able to work hard for the initial few years and leverage social media to create a sizable customer base for itself. Post-building the customer base the system starts to churn residual income on a consistent basis even if a small % of the customer base becomes regular consumers.

With this distribution model we have been able to achieve:

· Registered Customers: 18000+

· Active Franchises: 249

· Customer Spread: 314 cities in India

This creates a nice spread for us to increase awareness of our products and turnover. Increased turnover subsequently benefits the investors in the long run. It is like investing in a traditional stock market but with the benefits of blockchain in-built.

Q5. What are the future plans in terms of ZLF?

Ans: ZillonLife will be expanding its global merchandise offering designed to cater to current consumer needs. Another big initiative that team ZLF is working on is ZLFTalks.

ZLFTalks is a blockchain-based talk show to create global awareness about blockchain. For this campaign Team, ZLF has partnered with Global emcee Ms. Bhavana Bhatia who is already a renowned anchor and curator of international repute. Over the past decade, she has hosted many global events and speakers including the likes of Mr. Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance), Mr. Narayan Moothy (Founder of Infosys), Mrs. Priyanka Chopra (Hollywood & Bollywood Star). She has done events for global brands like Accenture, Manchester United, Apple, Reliance, Samsung, Nokia, Volvo to name a few.

ZLFTalks will be a platform for emerging and established blockchain projects and enthusiasts to share their wisdom and concepts and will act as a bridge to connect with the audience across the globe. The endeavor will also be to act as a platform to spread knowledge among the masses and thus contribute to increasing awareness and adoption.

A big announcement is coming up next week where we will announce the next use case of ZLF; it will be catering to a target user base of 32 million people across the globe.

For 2021 we will be expanding into the travel and tourism domain too( discussions are already in progress)

ZLF Team is also simultaneously working at the backend to forge more partnerships and collaboration to enhance usecase and adoption of ZLF Token.

In its 4 months of operation, ZLF Token has witnessed organic growth with a count of Dividend holders reaching 144 and the value of the token has increased from $0.03 to $0.05 which is a growth of approx: 66%.

It’s a small beginning with eyes set towards the goal of organic growth and enhanced usage. The Endeavour of the team going forward is to help more people across the globe to use blockchain as a medium to become a co-owner of an e-com company which is young, hand working and most importantly is on a mission to spread prosperity all around.

The end! The #AMA was successfully completed and the rewards were distributed to the winners.

More #AMAs and other exciting events are coming soon!
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