Crypto Tax-Free Countries in 2022

Although the previous article’s countries are crypto-friendly, the following ones really knock it out of the park. Are you considering packing your

belongings and moving to a cryptocurrency tax haven to avoid paying cryptocurrency taxes? Some countries pay less crypto tax or even more don’t apply any taxes on digital assets.
In this article, we have listed the top crypto tax free countries to relocate in 2022.
Here, Bololex presents countries with no crypto taxes.

El Salvador

As I mentioned from one of our articles, El Salvador is the number one in crypto sphere. The country taxes neither income from crypto-related activities nor profits from trading and investment.

Cayman Islands

A popular tax haven outside digital assets, the Cayman Islands are also a hot tip for those that do not want to pay income tax or capital gains tax on cryptocurrencies.


British Overseas Territory, Bermuda is one of the richest places in the world. Bermuda isn’t as tropical as the other islands on this list, but its proximity to the US and Canada makes it a comfortable place. However, the cost of living here is high — seriously high.


A surprise entrant on this list, but thanks to the authoritarian president Alexander Lukashenko, crypto is legal in Belarus. As a result, businesses and individuals are exempt from crypto taxes until 2023. This includes income from mining and investments, too.

Is There a Country of Tax Residence That Gives You a Crypto Passport?

Besides crypto tax havens, there are also countries that go a step further and offer a crypto passport. This crypto passport can essentially be bought for a comparatively small donation.


The Pacific Island state may be an unusual choice for residency, but it was the first country to accept Bitcoin payments to issue citizenship. For only $130,000, you can receive Vanuatuan citizenship valid for five years.


This Caribbean nation is another popular tax haven with a crypto passport in exchange for Bitcoin. The donation of $100,000 is comparatively low and goes to the country’s development fund.


In conclusion, there are many Crypto-friendly countries in the world that you can consider investing the money into if you want to use this financial technology.
First of all, research the market and find the most suitable platform to invest. Thousands of people use Bololex to accurately calculate their cryptocurrency taxes. Here we are to inform that some countries pay less crypto tax or even more don’t apply any taxes on digital assets.
Hope this article was informative. Continue to follow the crypto’s activity with Bololex.



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