New year — new games!

The year 2021 begins with our newest game: Bolo Bingo!

Bolo Bingo: Earn crypto on the go

With Bolo Bingo, Bololex users can earn up to 10,000 tokens!

  • Bet Big — Win Big
  • Easy and fast
  • Immediate rewarding

How it works

The wheel will open 10 numbers, and the winning numbers will be colored in orange.

You are the winner!

1 match = 1
2 matches = 2
3 matches = 10
4 matches = 250
5 matches = 10000

The minimum bid is 1 $BOLO
The maximum bid is 1000 $BOLO

Of course, the larger is your betting amount, the more will be your $BOLO reward.

Fairness Aspect

Your fair game is ensured!


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Launched in June of 2020, Bololex is a centralized crypto exchange with high security standards and versatile funding options.

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