Earn Crypto on the Go!

New year — new games!

Following the concept of easy one-click crypto games, we have designed a fun version of the well-known “Bingo” game.

The year 2021 begins with our newest game: Bolo Bingo!

Bolo Bingo: Earn crypto on the go

Our users already receive rewards with our utility token $BOLO through Airdrop Wheel, BoloBoom, and BoloLotto. So, why not give an opportunity to earn even more?

With Bolo Bingo, Bololex users can earn up to 10,000 tokens!

  • Bet Big — Win Big
  • Easy and fast
  • Immediate rewarding

How it works

Go to the “Bololex Games” section and choose “Bolo Bingo.”
You will see 4 separate ticket sets, which should be filled with numbers. You can either generate the numbers or choose one by one. Finally, you should set the betting amount and click on “Play”.

The wheel will open 10 numbers, and the winning numbers will be colored in orange.

You are the winner!

If you have matching numbers, a window will pop-up with the corresponding reward amount.

1 match = 1
2 matches = 2
3 matches = 10
4 matches = 250
5 matches = 10000

The minimum bid is 1 $BOLO
The maximum bid is 1000 $BOLO

Of course, the larger is your betting amount, the more will be your $BOLO reward.

Fairness Aspect

All games at Bololex exchange are designed and constructed solely based on the concept of transparency and fairness.
For the game of Bolo Bingo, a random seed is generated by the server and a unique client seed by your browser. These two and a nonce of games are combined to generate a seed for the Mersenne Twister random generation algorithm. These steps make it possible to deterministically prove the fairness of our random generator.

Your fair game is ensured!


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