Undoubtedly, you have heard of crypto staking and holding your crypto assets for higher rewards; but have you heard of investing your assets in a crypto gaming pool?

Well, you have now!

From the release of the Bololex exchange, we have positioned ourselves as a unique platform, which not only provides earning opportunities through instant trading and voting but also opens multiple channels for doubling investments with crypto betting and play.

Our special crypto games and slots became our user's favorite tool for earning, increasing their $BOLO token shares, and, of course, entertainment. So, why not invest in these games?

Introducing an unexampled and unique investment tool in the crypto world: Bolo Gaming Pool 🎮.

BOLO Gaming Pool is a novel and special investment method, which concept is close to standard liquidity pools. However, it is more fun, as it’s for crypto games!


The simplest explanation of the concept behind Bolo Gaming Pool is the idea of becoming a shareholder of a specific crypto game and earning rewards based on the investment pool. So, once you invest in a pool of a specific game, your funds become a part of an overall investment pool to where all the income from that game is gathered and as an investor, you start receiving your revenue share based on the amount of pool you hold.

Now, your funds will become a part of the overall game pool, your earnings will depend on that specific pool. So, when the pool increases your share of the fund also increases, respectively if the overall pool decreases, your share decreases as well. Note, that in the long run, the house always wins so the pool will increase, however days with negative results are not an exception.


In general, when users play betting games, they bet and have a fair chance of winning.

Usually, the average chances of winning are higher than 95%, of course, depending on the game. Though the player has a good chance of winning, in the long run, a lot of games result in a combined income of 5% for the house.

At first, you may think that the house receives only a small percentage of the revenue, yet in the long run, that’s exactly how all the casinos and online gambling earn revenue.

Now, our BOLO pool provides the opportunity for investors to actually get a share of those revenues. As noted earlier, the user just has to choose to invest in the pool of specific games.

All the investments gather in one pool of BOLO, which is later used to provide user wins and to accumulate users’ losses. Each investor holds a part of the pool based on the amount of the investment, similar to crypto liquidity pools.

So, basically, all BOLO tokens in the game fall into the pool and go out of the pool, which results in the pool either growing or decreasing in the short run. Let’s get this straight in an example: if one day users win, the pool might shrink that day, if they lose consequently it will grow. This example presents the overall picture in the short run. In the long run, the win is always on the house.
Therefore, all the pool is distributed among the investors according to their held percentages, and this results in the continuous growth of users’ investments together with the pool.

It is not totally risk-free, because as mentioned the house wins in the long run but in a short period it might lose so the pool will shrink.

Shrinkage is also affecting all the investors in the pool, so if one day the pool shrinks by 1%, all the investors in the pool will lose 1% of their funds. And if the investor chooses to withdraw funds at that point, he/she will result in an overall loss of the investment.

However, if the user keeps the investment in the pool, it will grow back and increase in the future, which is mathematically provable.


Of course, before starting your investments, it is better to play each of our crypto games to understand each game’s concept and filter out your favorite one.
Once you choose your preferred game, it is the time!

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Direct to left and choose the preferred game from the dropdown
  • Click on “Invest now” to add your funds to the overall pool

Calculator — if you are unsure of the decision to invest or you want to analyze your earnings in the long run, you just have to use our investment calculator. By choosing the game, inputting the preferred investment amount, and setting the payout period you can easily visualize your monthly earnings and see the profitability rate (note that the amounts are only estimates).

My Investments — once you add an investment, it will appear under the section of “My Investments”, where you will be able to see your accumulated “Revenue” and the amount of your “Last Reward.”

Summary — here, you will not only see the total amount of the investment pool of the chosen game at that moment, but the graph will help you see the increase/decrease of the pool.
If you have already invested in that game, you will see the amount of your “Investment” and the cumulative “Revenue”. The graph will show the increase in your investment based on accumulated daily rewards.


Understanding the concept and the process of investments is sufficient for completing good investments, however, it is much better to plan out certain strategies and follow them for higher results.

As a hint, we can suggest to:

  • Invest in pools that are relatively small at that moment
  • Choose a game that you think will result in higher revenues for the house
  • Diversify the risk of losing, by investing in different games

So when do you wanna start investing? 🎲

Do not waste your time, cause it’s also money.

Go 👉

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