Bololex exchange has not stopped surprising its users and partners by adding new competitive features to the exchange. Modern gamified elements are at the core of Bololex’s roadmap.
This time, we are introducing a specially designed airdrop distribution system in the form of a wheel game.

About Bololex Airdrop Wheel
We have all played or just heard about the game of “Wheel of Fortune”. With that idea, Bololex designed a unique, yet easy-accessible airdrop distribution mechanism. New gamified features to receive airdrops of BOLO and buy energy.

How it works
To play, the user should have a Bololex account, creating one takes only 2 minutes. Then, one just has to go to the “Airdrop Wheel” section and spin the wheel. A window will pop-up with the corresponding prize, to retrieve it, just click on “OK”. It’s that easy!

It’s free: No need to trade or spend, in order to play the Airdrop Wheel and receive a prize. It’s totally free. As each user spends energy to vote, the same works for the game. One spin costs 3 energy. To spin more, users can purchase energy or fasten the energy refill process by buying an energy boost using BOLO token.

Everyone’s a winner: For each spin, the user is rewarded with a special prize. Users have the opportunity to receive free BOLO tokens and energy refills. With Bololex Airdrop Wheel, users will always be rewarded. Also, besides rewarding BOLO airdrops, Bololex plans to add airdrops of other currencies. Projects will be able to “rent out” a section and release their coins through the game. This feature is not available yet, however, the team is working on releasing the feature soon.

Aside from receiving free BOLO through Airdrop Wheel, you should certainly follow our social media channels, as our team organizes airdrop competitions on a monthly basis.

You can enter for the current contest here:

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