Since the launch of the BoloLotto, the game was immediately loved by our users. We have already had 10 lottery winners, which received their 1000 $BOLO prizes, and ss our game is fully transparent and fair, the usage rate is daily increasing.

Now, it’s time to offer a more exciting format of the game. We offer you to hit a JACKPOT at BoloLotto.

Besides the regular blue lottery cells, our users will not have the chance to purchase special “Jackpot” cells and win more than 1000 $BOLO tokens.

New cell colors are orange, red, and green.

With every consecutive game, the “Jackpot” fund increases by 500 $BOLO, which might be adjusted throughout the games.


  • Go to and click on “BoloLotto”
  • Check your BOLO balance
  • Click on either of orange, red, or green-colored cell
  • Purchased cells will be shown to the right of the board

If your winning cell is a “Jackpot” cell, you will receive a special amount of BOLO tokens, which are shown above the dashboard.

Try your luck now!

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Launched in June of 2020, Bololex is a centralized crypto exchange with high security standards and versatile funding options.

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