IEO platform at Bololex exchange!

Starting the year 2022 with more exciting features!

Bololex exchange has organized an initial exchange offering of Alpha Energy 1 tokens. Our team has created a separate IEO section for AE1 token’s IEO. This is the first time the exchange has held an IEO.
Our special IEO platform will soon be available for other interested crypto projects. Owners will have instant access to form submission and information to criteria.

But now, let’s dig deeper into the Alpha Energy project.

So, what is Alpha Energy project about?

Alpha Energy is a special mining station that creates carbon-free Bitcoins and is powered by 100% renewable energy. The excess heat generated by the mining hardware is used to warm the greenhouse, where organic vegetables are grown․ Several unique features are:

  • Their solar plant uses top-grade PV panels and high-efficiency inverters to utilize the maximum amount of solar energy.
  • The mining farm is based on the latest 5nm technology ASIC miners that provide the most performance per energy spent.
  • They have engineered a unique greenhouse technology that allows them to use the excess heat from mining equipment for heating.

And how can YOU earn from all of this?

You can become a part of this program and purchase a unique Alpha Energy 1 token (AE1) acquisition, and holding of which gives you the opportunity to receive a share of the mined Bitcoins. So, if you purchase AE1 tokens and hold them, you will have a share of the total Bitcoins mined by the station.

The supply of AE1s is limited. Total amount is 1,000,000 AE1. Only 500,000 AE1 is now open for sale. The price at the moment is 1$, but with the sale of every 100,000 tokens, the price will increase. So hurry up!

You can also sell your share of AE1 tokens any time, as they have a guaranteed 24-month buyback program.

Want it? Here is how to get it:

- Login to your Bololex account
- Click on the “IEO” button from the top menu ( or
- Input the desired amount of tokens (minimum amount is 100 AE1 tokens)
- Click on “Buy Token”

Note: make sure to have enough USDT on your balance to successfully complete the purchase.

More on the Alpha Energy project:

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