What are the different types of cryptocurrency exchanges?

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2 min readNov 4, 2022

The types of the cryptocurrency platforms have their pros and cons within their method of offering cryptocurrency trading.

Centralized exchanges:

✔️ Offers high trade volumes compared to DEX

✔️ Offers high liquidity

✔️ Allows fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades

✔️ High functionality

✔️ Allows fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades

✔️ High functionality

✔️ Is more vulnerable to hacks compared to DEX

✔️ Under governmental regulations (can be shut down)

✔️ Centrally governed

Decentralized exchanges:

✔️ Offers lower trade volumes compared to CEX

✔️ Does not have high liquidity

✔️ Currently only offers crypto-to-crypto trades

✔️ Limited functionality

✔️ Offers high security from hacks owing to distributed nodes

✔️ The government cannot shut down owing to distributed global nodes

✔️ No central company


✔️Secure mail routing between on-premises and Exchange Online Organizations.

✔️A unified global address list (GAL), also called a ‘“shared address book”

✔️Free/busy and calendar sharing between on-premises and Exchange Online organizations.

✔️Centralized control of inbound and outbound mail flow.

✔️A single Outlook on the Web URL for both the on-premises and Exchange Online Organizations.

Today we are going to speak about different types of cryptocurrency exchanges. First it was Satoshi Nakamoto that released the Bitcoin a brand new industry of digital tender.

When it comes to money. Two questions immediately raised

How can l get it? and where can l spend it?

The users can use their cryptocurrency to purchase from service and product providers who accept digital currency.

Another popular variant to spend tokens at a cryptocurrency exchange is to trade it for local fiat currency or token.

Change Bitcoin for Ethereum at an exchange which offers both currencies.

A crypto exchange offers a platform whereby customers are looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency assets that can exchange the digital tokens in values based on current market prices.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges as Bololex offer a platform which is focused on ease for the customer, some hope to offer competitive pricing and others want to provide a platform which professional cryptocurrency traders can use.



Bololex Exchange

Launched in June of 2020, Bololex is a centralized crypto exchange with high security standards and versatile funding options.