WIN 342,000!

One roll = biggest win. Only at BOLO DICE.

Opening the new season with the most demanded crypto game ever!
Let’s welcome, our own crypto dice game — Bolo Dice. Here is what you are getting by playing the game:

  • Even larger $BOLO rewards
  • Accessible interface
  • Easy and fast play
  • Immediate rewarding

Keep these features in mind and wisely choose your favorite crypto dice game and start rolling!

How to play? 💥

Our dice board is as simple as it can be. You just have to act wisely.

  • Start by choosing your betting amount, choose from 1 to 10,000
  • Set your betting coefficient, increase your earnings from 1.14 to 34.2
  • Click on “Bet” to roll the dice

How to win? 🚀

Well, it solely depends on your luck! Of course, the higher the bet, the bigger the reward.

You can go ALL IN and bet the maximum amount of 10,000 $BOLO and set the coefficient on 34.2 to become the winner of 342,000 $BOLO tokens.

Fairness Aspect

Our key priority with every game is the element of fairness! We follow a strict structure that ensures the fairness of each entertaining crypto game at the Bololex exchange.
To describe it shortly, yet precisely, the server generates a random seed, a unique client seed by your browser. These two and a nonce of games are combined to generate a seed for the Mersenne Twister random generation algorithm. These steps make it possible to deterministically prove the fairness of our random generator.

Good luck predicting the outcome of the dice roll!⚡️

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